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Saturday, May 17, 2008

PH remodel, Saturday Edition

As eluded to yesterday, I have some significant progress to share regarding our PH bathroom. It just couldn't wait until next Friday.

You may remember that it all started with some weirdly-spaced fixtures surrounded by decent wainscotting.

Then Kev went to town and pulled out the fixtures and more wainscotting.

As Kev pulled out more drywall by the tub, he let loose quite the treasure: insulation from the attic. There wasn't a header board in the wall between the bathroom and the bedroom, so when he removed drywall, the insulation just poured down like a waterfall. But it's ok because we put cardboard in the tub to keep it from clogging what's left of the plumbing.

And now I can see my bathroom from my bedroom!! It's exciting because that hole represents the doorway to the new walk-in closet Kev is planning. It'll be modest, but it'll be significantly bigger than the 3X3 foot closet that currently exists as the only closet in the entire house.

The latest developments are all very fun. Every move Kev makes with the plumbing puts us one step closer to actually moving in. And my brother will be coming up this weekend to share his knowledge and expertise since he recently redid his own bathroom with the same pex plumbing system Kev is using.

So there you have a second installment of demo this week. I can't wait until I'm sharing the steps after demo with everyone. Like painting. Or moving in. Or sleeping.


  1. I was paranoid about the bedroom fan, too. I didn't think our ceiling was high enough or something. Trust me... I love it. We've only had a few semi-warm nights so far and it has proved its own worth already!

  2. YAY! It looks goooooood! Can I come over? Yes please.


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