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Friday, May 30, 2008

PHriday, Volume V

Ok, this is just gross.

It's a hole full of socks. SURPRISE!!Just like Gail, I often start projects around the house because I'm bored and want to "help." Opening up this hole in the wall is one of those projects. It used to be a mail slot, but the exterior of the house got covered in siding at one point and this mail slot became obsolete. So instead of filling it with insulation and patching it, somebody decided to stuff it full of socks and then paint the little door closed.


It's also fun to see the bathroom fixtures placed all nice and neat... they're not plumbed, they're just placed. Kev and Jon moved the tub out of my new closet area and placed it closer to where it will rest when there's plumbing. The sinks are side-by-side as well. Now we can see that everything we previously envisioned will actually work. There will be room to turn around!!

It may seem a little crazy that we're downsizing the bathroom space so much, but it really makes sense in the long-run. Having an actual closet for the "master" will make it more appealing to future buyers, and at least fixtures in the small bathroom are new. We're planning to optimize the small space to its fullest potential too. Open shelving with fresh, crisp colors will keep it feeling luxurious despite the small size.

Besides, there's no way I'm giving up shoe storage for more bathroom space.

See my little worker bee? He never stops... well, at least not until LOST is on. Man, that season finale was top notch. I cried like a baby. Then again, I cried when I saw the news story about the spray-painted kitten that followed on the 10 o'clock news.

Still, LOST was great. And now we won't be breaking at 8pm every Thursday night.

Slow and steady wins the race, right?


  1. ewww...a sock hole... haha thats gross. everything else is looking good tho! :]

  2. Liv, I don't think you are a stalker at all. I actually got your number from Alex the other day but I have been way super busy. We all need to hang out I decided. Oh, and I really do love the house. I am a freak when it comes to fixing old houses up, they are just unique.

  3. Sweet! A sock hole!!! That is so something I would expect out of our house, except that our mail slot is in working order, allowing all the frigid night air in. Sweet. :) Also, love the bathroom so far! And I love the idea of open shelving.


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