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Friday, May 09, 2008

PHriday, Volume II

It's a not-so-steller posting day. I am so spent lately. I've been working 8.5 hour days without a break to eat lunch or anything. When Kev and I went to PH last night, I totally forgot to bring the camera, so the two measely pictures I have are from a phone. I'm sorry!! But it still gives you a general idea of the projects.

Let's start with le garage. It is a landing strip right now. Until the basement gets swept and dusted, everything is piling up here. You may note that cabinets stacked to the right of the bike. Those are from the kitchen. Just so you know, they're not being sanded. I tried, but the latex paint just won't give up. So for the time being, they're in the garage.

And la cuisine shall look like this until I strip the cabinets and repaint them:

Charming, isn't it? I'm quite fond of the open-faced kitchen. It's definitely something I can live with. I'm bumping the cabinets to the end of my "to do" list since there are much more pressing matters at hand (i.e. the bathroom).

We still haven't been able to make any progress of the bathroom. There's still only one sink, no shower, and a teeny tiny toilet that is uber gross.

But that's ok. My apartment's had hot water for the last week, so I'm good there for a while.

Next week I'll post photos of the beautifully pruned fruit trees and ever-shrinking Stick Mountain.

Slowly but surely is my mantra.

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