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Friday, May 23, 2008

PHriday, Volume IV

It seems our progress on the Pink House is moving at a snail's pace. Even though the following has been done:

old plumbing ripped out
bathroom torn apart
holes in walls for new closets
fruit trees pruned
stick mountain removed
house numbers spray painted
new mailbox
numbers for mailbox
weird dining room closet removed
appliances purchased and mostly installed

And there's probably more that I'm missing. So for now, check out what's new this week:

The faucet for the sink. Actually, there are two faucets because there should be two sinks in the bathroom when all is said and done. I love them because they look like birds.

The tub no longer has insulation in it. The real question is, though, when will I be in that tub?

The newest hole in the wall. It's in the hallway and eventually will be framed into a hall closet. The plan is to take the door off the 3X3 closet in our bedroom (it's a mini-version of all the other doors) and use it to close off the hall closet. This photo shows you the view from the hallway, into the second bedroom. So, where Kev is will eventually be a small closet that is accessible from the hall. To his right (your left) there will be a second closet framed inside the bedroom to serve as a closet for that room. We're going all out people.

Oh, and sorry this took so long. I had it all ready minus the photos, but last night my internet wouldn't work, and my office computer wouldn't read my thumb drive... so I had to figure out alternative means. And that took all day.



  1. Love the faucet. We have the same taste in furniture and fixtures.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. very nice :] looks like its coming along well!!!


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