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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Road Trip

Hey, do you know what one of my favorite stores is?

Yeah, you do.


I realized on Sunday that since I now make more than $6.50/hr (yes!! I lived off $6.50/hr for years!!) I can afford to buy the long-coveted bedside tables from IKEA that match my existing dresser (bought from "As-Is" a while ago).

A preview:

I'm pretty psyched. Plus, IKEA is right smack dab near REI, which is the store that has that disc golf thingy I posted about last week.

Plus my brother Seth lives down that-a-way, which means I can probably drop by, say hi and drool over his fully-functioning bathroom that he redid recently.

Going to Draper is sounding like a better and better idea. Since I'm not on call for my job anymore, I can leave Ogden whenever I want. How cool is that?!

I'll let you know how the adventure turns out. I might even go on a school night. Rebel.

PS This lamp in red is the one I've recently fallen for. It'll match the red fan I'm also obsessed with (but it isn't at IKEA, it's at Lowe's. See? I know how to branch out). What's the deal with me and red, seriously? I've never been a big fan, but now my Pink House is planned out with beaucoup d'accents rouge.

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  1. Liv, you are a rebel! A school night...NO WAY! A trip down to draper does sound fun. I can't wait to see how awesome your house will look when you are done.


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