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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


My schedule so far this week:

6:30am- get up for work
7:30am- pack car for work camping trip
8:00am- work
1:30pm- leave for work camping trip straight from work
1:30pm-1:30am- be awake for camping trip with work people

sometime around 4am (maybe?)- awaken in freezing tent to sound of train barreling through campsite. Really. It was that close.
8:00am- wake up for real
10:00am- leave work camping trip
11:30am- discover ant colony in apartment
11:31am- scream because ant colony is moving Maddie's food in her dish
11:32am- make Kev take care of any colony while I shower
12:45pm- eat lunch with Kev before going back to work
1:00-5:00pm- work
5:05pm- change out of work clothes and head to the PH to "help."
5:20-7:00pm- help load the trash trailer with branches from the yard
sometime between 7 and 8pm- fall asleep on the floor of the living room while spooning with Maddie. (Wake up and decide it's time to return to the apartment).
8:30pm- vacuum up ants in the apartment

Kev is still gone (hopefully done with the PH and finding ant traps for me) but I'm ready for bed. It's closing in on 10pm and tomorrow is another long, fun-filled day.

But at least the sun is shining and I'm going to be slightly tan from the work camping trip!!

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