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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful that Maddie is finding wonderful nooks to enjoy in the new house. Luckily, she can usually see out almost any window and locate Kev in the yard when he's working and I'm inside with her.

On Tuesday night I discovered that she had made a new place for herself:

It's right by the back door, looking towards the yard. Kev was trimming the giant tree that can be seen beyond Maddie through the window. She just had to keep her eyes on him. I'm sure she'll eventually jump up there one day and shoot through the screen, but until then we're ok. She just needs her Kev that badly. Apparently she didn't care that I was to the right of her (before taking this picture from the kitchen) unscrewing a gross old railing from the basement stairs.

Why was I removing the railing? To make room for these babies:

I KNOW!! They're great. They're beautiful. They're even hooked up already. Hopefully the inaugural run will be soon. Kev and I are just so busy this weekend that we don't have much time for anything like laundry, cleaning our apartment (where we're still living while we remodel the PH), or buying groceries. I think we went nearly a month without buying anything but the occasional gallon of milk.

Plus, we've got a rig up a way to vent the dryer. Kev suggested temporarily running the vent hose to the right of the dryer, up the basement stairs and straight out the back door. I don't know how I feel about that.

Nevertheless, I'm very thankful for the washer and dryer. Even if they are crammed in a low-ceilinged, unevenly-floored basement. It's going to be great to do laundry without taking my keys with me or having to put Maddie on a leash or dodging Foreign Language students whose classrooms are across the hall.

PS Check out the GlamGuide if you need a break from a dreary day (it's snowing in Utah again!) I just won some awesome nail polish from Glam Girl and I just had to share the good news.

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  1. You guys are working so hard, and I'm still jealous. :) And I am in love with your new W&D.


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