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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful that on Monday Kev and I set aside the evening for a date. Get that? A real date. Do you know how long it's been since we've been out like grown-ups? Ages. All we do is work on the house, and while that's loads of fun, it just doesn't provide the same connection that an official, date-like outing does.

What's even more fun is that I successfully surprised Kevin!! I blindfolded him and drove him around Ogden and Riverdale before finally pulling up to this:

It was a rainy day, so we had the car windows up. And good thing too, because the minute we both stepped out of the car, we could smell the sauce. Mmmm-mm. Kev was pretty pleased. That man loves his steak. The last time we had steak was at Sizzler. The last time we ate at a sit-down restaurant was Sizzler. Just not the same, people.

This week I am also grateful for Maddie being disgustingly cute. One minute she's running away while barking her head off at Magpies (I hate them too) and the next she's doing this:

I put most of the couch pillows and throw blankets in a box this week (so that I feel like I'm making progress with the packing) and Maddie jumped in while I was at work. Thankfully, Kev was ready with the camera. She's so cute.

My mom asked me what Maddie's been up to lately, and this is a good summary. She sleeps a lot. She sits on the ottoman at the PH and stares out the window for hours on end. I told Kev I'm so glad she has that window because now she'll watch less TV. Seriously, there's a commercial with a flying pig for some chips (Flat Earth?), and when she hears the theme music she perks up and turns to the TV to see the pig. It's just wrong. I'm sorry that my dog likes TV so much. I used to work part-time. So the TV was on while I cleaned or did laundry, or y'know, watched TV after work. Maddie got quite accustomed to it.

It's been a good week. Tune in tomorrow for some minute updates on the Pink House :)


  1. Not for lack of trying to get him interested, my dog is wholly unimpressed with the television set.

    I'd just die if I had one of those dogs who watches TV. Better yet, one that howls along with commercial music. Is there anything cuter? Oh well, I still appreciate my big smelly brute.

    Just don't let him know I'd rather he be more your dog's size. :p

  2. Liv, I was all worried because my link wasn't working for your blog and it wouldn't come up and I thought you'd moved your blog and I didn't know what the address was. Sigh. So glad to have found you again. :)


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