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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Be Still, My Beating Heart

I have renewed faith in remodelling.

Would you like to know why? I'll tell you.

Jon has agreed to help Kev finish the bathroom in exchange for something so wonderful, it doesn't even seem fair- we will clean Jon's house. People, I like to clean. Especially after the last two months of not having a regular cleaning schedule. I have two places I feel like I need to keep clean: the apartment and the PH. Both are neglected. There is no time for either. And with packing and sawing and glueing and dogs chewing on pieces of wood, there's no point cleaning either place.

So, to get a cleaning fix, I will go to Jon's and hook him up with the lovely smell of clorox, and Windex Multi-Surface Anti-Bacterial cleanser. I am so happy I could cry.

And not just about the cleaning I get to do; I'm also thrilled about the progress being made by Jon and Kev. Plus, Kev's brother Darin is coming up at the end of the week to do drywall. This Friday's update is going to be gooood.

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  1. I wish you lived close to me. I'd let you get your cleaning fix at my house any time!


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