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Friday, June 20, 2008

PHriday, Volume VII

This week you can see my PH post is a tad bit different. I've been wanting to do a slideshow for a while now, and this was the day I finally got around to it. So, included in the slideshow above are photos you've already seen, plus about a dozen new ones of recent progress. Wahoo!!

I'm still frustrated by it all, but I can see us getting closer. My brother Seth called last night and agreed to come up on Saturday in exchange for second breakfasts and dog-sitting. I can handle that.

Kev's been working extremely hard, and you'll soon see the cramped conditions in which he's been doing all the plumbing (the hole). It's been a rough ride. I can't believe we've owned the PH for 2 months and we're still not living in it. Why didn't I listen when Seth warned me about remodelling?!

Anyway, enjoy the photos, I hope the commentary is amusing as well as informative.

Thanks for checking in again this week. Stay tuned for future unveilings of the progress. Hopefully in two more PHridays I'll show you the UHaul.


  1. I LOVE your kitchen cabinets! So cute and charming! And the light fixture outside is awesome, I hope you get it to work soon! You guys are working so hard - it will feel so fabulous to finally move in!

  2. The PH is looking great! I am excited for the progress you are making. I am crossing my fingers for the uhaul pictures!


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