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Monday, June 02, 2008

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

I should have started a design scheme a really long time ago. Like, years ago. I keep stumbling upon gems of goodness in my never-ending quest to locate just the right light/curtain/rug/paint color/etc... for the Pink House.

The latest from Pottery Barn:

It also comes with blue and bran accents. I, of course, like the red. It stands out more than the other two.

The problem is that I don't even have a room for this!! I don't need a light cover for the master bedroom or living room (because I need to find a ceiling fan for each of those rooms), and I think Kev would prefer it if I reused the cover in the 2nd bedroom. All it needs is to be spray-painted a different finish. A finish I can't decide on yet because I don't know what ceiling fan I want in the living/bedroom, and I would like all the fixtures to have something in common with one another. Maybe.

Confused yet? I sure am.

My tasks this week include driving all over creation to find drapes. If only Pottery Barn existed in Ogden. If only they had a nice man who could come to my house for free and wrap me up in all the tab top drapery options known to Pottery Barn. The blue just might match my delicious bedding from IKEA. But I'm going to have to go all the way to PB with my pillow case to ensure they match.

Or, maybe I'll save some time and scoot down to Riverdale to scope out the JCPenney drapes. They're on sale as well, but I can get two panels at JCP for the same price as one from Pottery Barn. But those PB drapes are divine. I think my mom has a similar style that she uses in our fancy living room in Maine. Fancy, people!!

It's just so much work being obsessed with outfitting my house.

Plus, it doesn't help that our computer program at work is non-functional today so I can't perform many work-related duties until it's up again. What else is girl to do with herself besides peruse design sites and the gardening book she found in her trusty pink messenger bag?

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  1. That IS a fabulous lamp! I could spend all day looking at design / home sites, despite the fact that we don't even own a home. It's all-consuming!


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