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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Fantastic Finds

I love finding great things. Apparently, I like to share them as well. Please enjoy.

Anthropologie bird house. Welcome home little birdies!!

So deliciously raspberry-colored that I could lick it. Spindle lamp base from Urban Outfitters.

I also enjoy the white version of the Urban O lamp. It's quite lovely as well.

West Elm Modern Media Storage. Deee-lish. It's currently listed in my sidebar as a most-wanted item of the moment. I had actually talked Kev into it until he asked me the price. Then he laughed at me and said we'll go to a thrift store if we want something this retro. I challenged him to find something this beautiful at Deseret Industries (Salvation Army for Mormons). We'll see.

These finds are really some of my latest acquisitions: Before you get confused, allow me to clarify that I only purchased the shade with the leaves (middle row, right-hand side). The pattern will complement the bedding and the curtains without being too matchy-matchy.

I definitely had a successful trip to IKEA on Saturday. Besides purchasing two bedside lamps, I also got the long-awaited bedside tables, plus curtains for the living room, and two lime-green, 19 cent food/water dishes for Maddie. She's scared of the stainless steel ones I bought when I first adopted her, and she eats the plastic bowls currently set out for her use. So it was high-time I tried something new. I just hope she won't carry these new bowls around with her. I'm tired of tripping over them.

Anyone know a good place for finding display globes? Like, of earth? For some reason I want to check those out and possibly find one for my house. The only places I've looked so far have really expensive, stuck-up globes. I want something casual and affordable. Please share if you know of a great store.

So there you have some fantastic finds that lead me to believe I should have studied design instead of English. Lame.

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  1. We visted Ikea this weekend too, although our trip was unsuccessful. We went to pick up the other half of our dresser (yeah...Caleb only picked up one of two boxes...) and found it was out of stock until next week. Wasted gas! :)


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