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Sunday, June 01, 2008

I See Your True Colors

For the last year or so, Kev has been lusting after a Subaru Justy. Why? Because those cars are friggin sweet. For the last year or so, Kev has been driving a Toyota Tercel. The following picture from last Christmas may jog your memory:

Ok, maybe not since it's really just a picture of a pile of snow. Regardless, it has been a nice car for Kev because it gets excellent gas mileage.

Problem is, the Tercel is a two-door. It can be frustrating to maneuver ones belongings in and out of this car. The trunk is huge though, so I didn't absolutely hate getting groceries with it. I think the other major problem with the Tercel is the fact that it doesn't have four-wheel drive.

Cue the Justy.

Four doors!! Four-wheel drive option!! Five speeds!! CD player!! Yes, that is right; after a year of scouring KSL ads and following up on leads, Kev has finally purchased a 1991 Subaru Justy. It is a thing of beauty.

Although, it does have some faults. The blinker lever is quite sensitive and often falls into position for "Left." That means that on the drive back to Ogden from Wellsville, I had to fire up the walkie-talkie about a dozen times to tell Kev his left blinker was on again.

But what is that compared to fulfilling a dream?

Right now it's chillin' at the PH until Monday when Kev can take it downtown and get going on its registration. He is as happy as a kid in a candy store... or I guess you could say as happy as Kev in a candy store since he really likes candy. And Justys.

I'm so glad Kev was finally able to find a well-priced Justy in great condition. I haven't seen a spec of rust on it, and the seat covers... well, they're beautiful. Zebra print is a good color scheme for Kev.

He's been working so hard on the dang PH that I'm happy for him to have a new toy. Now he can sell the Tercel (Seth, you paying attention? He'll sell that thing to you for dirt cheap!! Jesh, Soph? You guys want a sweet set of wheels while you're at BYU?) and begin life with his beloved Justy.

Bright turquoise Justy, I welcome you into our vibrantly colored life.


  1. um, selling are a car? did I read that right? Um, give me details. I just lost my car and am looking for a new one...

  2. YAY! Isn't it so exciting to find something you've been looking for for awhile? How much are you selling the tercel for? We may want it so I don't have to leave the house at 6:45 every morning to drop Jeff off at the bus stop...and if we don't want it I have a friend that is looking around for a car...let me know!

  3. WOW!! Never thought the Tercel would be so popular.

    I'll let you know the specs after I talk to my brother to see if he wants to pass. I know he and Kev have been talking for the last few weeks about whether or not he'd buy it, so just hang on and I'll update you asap!!

  4. Haha, you do seem to have lots of people who want your extra car. Be sure to let us know, cause I too am in the market. Car died this week and I am ready to buy a new one. Just add me to your list.


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