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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kissime Pink

While passing time the other day (I promise I had all my work done) I came upon I currently have a number of paint chips for Valspar, and decided to see what's online.

Their colors are so delicious. I don't have any blue-family paint chips, and I realized I'm missing out!!

Check out the colors on the far right. Aren't they great? (Colors from top to bottom: Woodlawn Colonial Gray, Porcelain Shale, Woodlawn Bedroom White, Blue Arrow). You can actually find those samples at the Color Buzz blog (under Design Sites on my blogroll) and so much more. You can even create your own palate and then paint a virtual room.

Be warned, the colors on the screen aren't always true. For example, I have a yummy yellow toned chip that's called Deep Cowslip 4. On the computer it looks like throw-up.

I have approximately 8 billion paint samples in my bag at all times, and I randomly pull them out to dream about non-white walls. When will we paint?! I'll tell you when- when there are no longer any holes in the PH.

The goal is to get the bathroom done ASAP. If Kev doesn't finish before July (*gasp*) he can't go to Zion's with his brother. And that's his rule, not mine. Also, if it isn't finished before July I'm going to have an anxiety attack.

So for now I will continue to pore over paint samples and imagine the color schemes in my head. And breathe into a paper bag to calm my nerves.

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