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Saturday, June 07, 2008

PH Remodel, Saturday Edition II

My goodness gracious, there's been a lot going on. But it still seems like a whole lotta nothing is finished at the Pink House. I was so busy yesterday that I didn't even get a chance to finish loading photos onto my computer for this post.

Nevertheless, thanks for joining again this week to see the progress. Some of the little tidbits got finished a while ago, but I'm just now getting around to sharing. Maybe that's the attitude that's keeping us from finishing up sooner!!

I digress. Please, continue below for your viewing pleasure.

These little lovelies are the newly-spray-painted house numbers!! They're actually out of order here, but I still love them. What color did they used to be? Well, a combination of silver and rust. The screws are next to be painted, but I'm going to use nail polish instead of spray-paint because that will be so much easier. I just have to wait for Kev to find his black nail polish for me.

Much like the house numbers themselves, the plaque on which they were situated was gross. I'm not a fan of natural colored wood. Or dirty wood for that matter. So it's been painted crisp white to match the wrought-iron porch rails (which I hate but want to look clean if they must remain).
Ah, yes. The prickly bushes. Below is a photo of what remained after the initial "pruning." Kev worked on this part of the yard with a pick-ax. I love that pick-ax. He was simply flying through these stumpy clumps like there was no tomorrow (thanks Honey!!).

And as you can see below, his hard work has already paid off, even though we're waiting a couple more weeks before planting grass seed (I sprayed the yard with beaucoup de weed killer).

Quite possibly one of my favorite developments is the framed hall closet doorway. Below is the view from the hallway from which the closet will be accessed:

How did Kev get this beauty done? Well, it was a long Saturday of many projects, but he and Alex made sure they tackled this project and could label it "complete" before calling it a day. Y'know, framing doors is a lot harder when you don't have a nail gun. I thought those two might put each other's lights out swinging that stinkin hammer with all their might. But hey, they got the job done and they still have all their fingers intact...except for one of Alex's I guess, but he did that to himself a long time ago and it had nothing to do with my PH home repair.

That's Alex there. Thanks so much for helping. You can help again any time you'd like. Say, next Saturday?

Here's what Maddie's been up to at the PH:

Lots of stick chewin. And anytime Kev cuts a piece out of the floor, or out of the bathroom sink cabinets, she runs away with it. Or, y'know, she'll steal his little red wooden pencil. Before I arrived yesterday at the PH, she allegedly stole one pencil and gnawed it down real good. Kev had to resharpen it and he was left with half the original size. Funny pup. That's about as helpful as me going over to the PH and watching a movie while Kev does plumbing.

Well, that's the wrap up for this week. Now I'm off to Sandy to see Seth, and drop off Maddie so the dogs can play. Then I'm going to IKEA so I can play :) Red nightstands, here I come!!

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