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Friday, June 13, 2008

PHriday, Volume VI

Seriously, can someone just take my place in this whole remodelling thing? I am almost no help at this point, and anxiety levels are pretty high for me. Kev is doing a great job, but I just can't see the bigger picture right now.

Lots of progress is being made, just in small increments. For example, Jon came over and did a bunch of framing for us, which made my week a lot better. One thing that definitely hasn't made my week better is the 6AM bugle call in the lobby of my building. That's right. At 6AM for the past 3 days, the conference guests who are staying in the dorms have played their bugle as a wake-up call. Guess who doesn't have to get up at 6. ME. The first day, the bugler played out in the courtyard, and I'm guessing the tenants in the surrounding buildings complained. So, to appease those masses, the bugler moved into my lobby. Right outside my apartment door. Thanks.

Enough of that though. Allow me to share some weekly progress with you.

That's the new wall to divide the bathroom and the master closet. Let me tell you a little about that bathroom. The tub is now too big for the original plans. We're not sure if a shower-only bathroom is up to code (seeing as how it's the only bathroom). A 4-foot tub would be ideal for the space we have, but those are expensive, seeing as how it's a non-standard size. A claw foot tub might fit just right, but Kev is not a fan of that idea. I'm not a fan of sinking the existing tub into the closet wall and partially recessing it in an alcove. Help.

Well, instead of having a freak out, let me just show you more pictures of the positive progress:

Kev successfully removed the footer in what will become the threshold to the walk-in. I just keep picturing my happy shoes living in that closet. We (Kev and I, not me and my shoes) went to Lowe's this week and tentatively picked out doors for the new closets. Yea!!

This is the framing for the second bedroom's closet. You can see the hall closet on the left of the picture as well. Hopefully this helps make more sense of the stuff I've been yammering on about the last few weeks.

Before Jon got the framing done for the second bedroom's closet, I just had to get a picture of the wallpaper he revealed behind the baseboard. I'm so glad it's been painted over. I guess it'd be preferable if it'd been removed but what can you expect from low-budget house-flippers? Have I ever mentioned how unhelpful the sellers were regarding this house? They'd had it on their hands almost a year, so I can't imagine why they weren't more excited about a possible sale. Maybe they were afraid we'd discover all their shortcuts and come after them...

Regardless, I had some fun at the PH this week. The night Jon came over, he also brought his chocolate lab, Burt. I took both dogs on a walk of the Parkway. My favorite place, especially now that all the flowers are in bloom. There's no way I was going to drag a camera along with me while walking two dogs, so I have no photos of the beautiful path. I do, however, have this great snapshot to share-

I was unsuccessfully trying to get Maddie and Burt to lay down next to each other for a photo. They absolutely refused. Maddie didn't want Burt anywhere near her because, well, she's mean. She was afraid he'd steal her piece of wood. Like she didn't have enough scraps to choose from. I think the resulting shot turned out alright though. I'm not even sure what Maddie's doing, but I like it. And Burt's just being good ol' Burt. The most easy-going dog ever. Walking him was a breeze, even if Maddie was a handful.

Please, wish us luck with the remodelling. For those who've been there before, sympathize with us. For those who haven't, I strongly advise that you never go there.


  1. I am always amazed at the work you guys are doing. It's going to be so worth it!! :)

  2. I love checking back to see where things are at! You inspire me when you talk about Ikea and other designish things because then motivates me to make our apartment cuter. Well we are moving again, this time to Midvale so I've been looking at cute ways to redecorate. Its time for a more "Homey" look rather than our newly wed we have bare walls sort of thing.......


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