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Monday, June 16, 2008

Quote of the Week

"I just wanted some human interaction!"

"Then you should have called someone else." *giggle*

Me and Kev conversing this afternoon. Me: at work, tired of punching numbers into my calculator. Kev: feeding Maddie breakfast before heading over to the PH.

Kev is not prone to being super-chatty, and I imagine that he has spent his morning doing laundry (sorry I only did one load over the weekend) and mulling over plumbing plans in his head. So a call from me, wanting to chat when there really isn't anything to chat about since he dropped me off at work at 8am, is somewhat superfluous and is interrupting the painful process of hand-feeding Maddie. Who is still so super picky about food. After an entire year of trying to feed her.

But she loves the new bowls I got her from IKEA. She's only picked one of them up in her mouth once since I brought them home. Little weirdo.

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  1. Cute blog liv! How do you do it?? You are so good at it. And what an awesome writer you are. ;) Any tips from the blogging world would be great. love ya


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