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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

So Long, Farewell...'Til August

Sorry folks, as of Monday night, the Tercel belongs to my brother. Well, first my older brother and then my younger brother.

Seth called dibs on the Tercel many moons ago, and this weekend I'll be taking it (first to Pottery Barn!!) to Seth's to hand it over. He's going to give it some love and then pass it along to Jeshua when he gets to Utah this August to resume his studies at BYU.

Really though, I think Kev just loves the Tercel too much to see it go too far. This way, he'll get to see it every time we (Seth and I) make Jeshua and Sophia drive up to Sandy from Provo for get-togethers.

It's going to come in very handy to have those two mobile this Fall. Because neither Seth nor I have any plans to drive through Happy Valley to spend quality time with them.

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