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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yoga the Musical

You'll just have to take my word for it, but I did go to Revenge of Yoga the Musical. I have no photos, but maybe Nikki will post the one photo we took before we left her house. I totally forgot to document the evening. But I still enjoyed it immensely.

The cast:

Ok, well not really. But can't you just see the hilarity in these trading cards? I love it.

Since Ashley was seeing this musical for the first time I was really glad that the first act was actually a review of last year. It helped me too because I realized how much I'd forgotten. I was so relieved to hear Ash laughing as the play progressed. I was afraid she'd just think Nikki and I are weird for liking it so much.

Once you watch this clip though, you'll understand why I love it. There's so much energy and the dance company is well-rehearsed and they seem to thoroughly enjoy what they do.

You may just have to ignore one of the YogaBois in the background though. He makes silly faces the entire show.

Along with seeing a great show, I had a slight misadventure. It was hot Friday night. We were on 3rd South in SLC = lots of restaurants. I decided I needed a fruity yummy drink. Tried to get a non-alcoholic at Christopher's and the bartender told me they don't do non-alcoholic. Never in my life have I been refused a virgin drink. I guess they don't want to lose money by charging less for virgin drinks. Whatever. I went to The Macaroni Grill and got hooked up.

Although I have no photos to prove I actually went out with friends other than Kev on a Friday night, I still did it. I'm proud to say I still have a semblance of a social life even though the PH has taken over all my free time after work every single day.

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  1. Liv! Thanks for posting on the wonderful wonderful night. Is it over? I want to go again. Too bad it only comes once a year. This thing was good. I showed my co-workers and they thought it was great - it was perfect they had boob-girl on the left. ha ha. I will put up the pic soon!


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