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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


The reason Kev and I have been socially MIA is because we bought a house. I'm not sure if everyone is aware of that.

Also, I got a full-time job. So... that means Kev drops me off at work by 8am, where I stay until 4pm. During that time, Kev is fixing up our house. Y'know, the one we recently bought. He also works half-days sometimes for Weber County. Plus he runs errands and buys lots of stuff like drywall, plumbing, yard tools, etc...

Anyway, at 4pm-ish Kev picks me up from work and takes me to our apartment where I change clothes so we can go to that house we bought. Between 4 and 5pm, we head over to the house.

Up until the last couple of weeks, our workday ended around 10pm, after which time we'd head back to the apartment and sleep. Lately though, we don't leave the house until at least midnight.

Oh, and as for the weekends, well, we spend anywhere from 12 to 14 hours at the house on Saturdays, and then observe our Sabbath on Sunday. Which means we get up for church and then pretty much come home to pass out for the rest of the day. I'm not sure when, but sometime during the week I buy groceries. Also, the laundry gets done, the apartment gets cleaned, Maddie gets fed and bathed, bills get paid and stuff at the apartment gets packed.

I hope this helps clear up the reasons why we're not randomly dropping by for visits, planning BBQs, or calling to chat about the weather. We didn't even go out to dinner or anything to celebrate our very own anniversary. We're a little busy. And the pressure just increased because we must be out of our apartment this weekend. My boss has scheduled the carpet replacement for next week, which means the whole place has to be cleared out. Plus, there's the wee matter of the new couple who's moving in.

With that said, I sure hope we get the toilet installed soon. Because, um, we have to live in the PH by the end of the week and I'd really like to stop taking potty breaks at Smith's Grocery.

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