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Monday, July 07, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

My little tiny baby sister, Sophia, turns 18 this month. WHOA. I remember changing her diapers. I remember trying to convince her she was adopted. I remember letting her play "make-up" on my face during church (she'd use scraps of cloth to apply imaginary make-up to my face).

Well, this year I have a super awesome amazing surprise planned for her. It's crazy because the time period during which this surprise is supposed to be carried out happens to overlap with her scheduled church girls' camp. This would be her last year to go, and she's freaking out just a bit that my parents won't let her go. The poor dear just doesn't understand that this surprise is TOTALLY WORTH MISSING CAMP. Do you hear me Sophia?! It's totally worth it.

I've been keeping this secret (with the help of Gail) for FOUR MONTHS. It was clear back in February/March that this plan was hatched. So just hang on for a bit longer Sophia!!

Anyway, to avoid spilling the beans or giving any hints whatsoever regarding this surprise, I'm changing the subject. Not too much, but just enough.

Look at these photos of my gorgeous sister:

Jeshua and Sophia on her graduation day.

And this is my Gpa, Sophia, Jeshua and Marc at one of the millions of ceremonies the family attended to celebrate graduation. Ain't they pretty? Please note that she is wearing my dress. I shipped it all the way to Maine for her :)

Well, I have to sign off now, otherwise I might accidentally partially allude to something that might kinda sorta let Sophia know what may be going on this month to celebrate her birthday.

PS Hang tight for some updates... I cheated and pre-wrote this post last week and scheduled publication for today. Eventually I'll find what I need in my mess of a PH in order to load photos. And maybe I'll find my sanity somewhere in there too.


  1. I love that she is wearing that dress of yours. I love that dress! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous

  2. Carrie- I'm saying "hello" to the east coast for you!! I'm so glad you get to come out at Christmas. It's good to be home.

  3. that is sooo crazy that sophia is 18!!! i remember when she came to girls camp and was like 12!!!


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