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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh Yes, I'm Back... Kind Of

Well. I'm having loads of trouble with right now. My slideshows are made, but I can't be bothered to figure out why the html code is not transferring correctly into this post. So, in order to view hundreds of thousands of photos (slight exaggeration) just click the links in the right-hand margin and enjoy. They're labeled things like "quebec," and "maine is for ME," so I'm quite confident you'll be able to locate the appropriate albums with ease.

In other news, the Pink House is still a mess. And to boot, when I got back from vacation my office looked just like my living room. That's right, while I was gone, my furniture got stacked in the middle of my office, my computer got disconnected and scooted to an alcove by the copy machine and my chair found it's way to my Director's office. Why? Because our building is getting a much-needed facelift and since I was gone there was no urgency to actually get my office done. As we type, my office is getting its final coat of paint, so I'm only 3 days without an office. The only frustrating part is that I was hoping to escape the chaos of my house by coming to work but now work is just like my house. A big giant mess.

What still needs to be done on the PH? Let me just share those details with you-

Living room fan/light needs to be installed and the hole from the old mailbox needs to be patched. Then we can consider hanging out in the living room because it might not be 89 degrees all the time. Plus, the ghetto sheet-curtains need to be removed and the real curtains need to be put up.

Bathroom trim needs to be installed, along with the bathroom DOOR and the vanities. The bathroom light fixture just came in the mail yesterday so that needs to go up as well. Once all those small details are finished Kev and I can assemble the shelves we purchased for the bathroom, which means that I can actually fold and store all the linens!!

The closet in the office needs to be drywalled and mudded and we need to switch out the brass light fixture for a silver one. Curtains need to be hung in here too.

Hall closet also needs mudding. And sanding. And mudding. And sanding. You get the picture.

Master bedroom closet needs 8 gazillion more coats of drywall mud. Then paint. We need curtains (desperately) hung in this room as well.

There's still a gaping hole in the dining room that needs to be drywalled/mudded and (yup, you guessed it) curtains need to be hung here as well. I'm getting pretty tired of lurking about in my underwear below window-level in order to avoid offending the neighbors. The flannel sheets hanging in the windows are also quite offensive, I'm sure.

Very exciting, no? Yeah, not really. Bet you wish I was still gone.

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