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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Vintage or Not?

I know I'm not even unpacked or close to moved in, but I have a design dilemma already. It involves the treatment I'd like to do to one of the bedroom walls.

The plan is to paint one wall a warm chocolate brown. The rest might be some other kind of brown. I'm not worrying about that yet. What I'm really worrying about is the decal I'm going to use on the chocolate wall.

Pottery Barn blessed me with their Bed and Bath catalogue in the mail last week, and I could not believe how well their floral transfer compliments my blue IKEA bedding. It's not too matchy-matchy, but it is similar enough that it makes sense.

I only like the small ones- they come in a pair for $79. They're a good size, 18"w X 12.5" h, and I love the white. The big one kind of makes me gag, so thank goodness there's another option.

I remember seeing decals galore online at Urban Outfitters, so I did some browsing today between phone calls at work. I found this:

I'm not sure if I like the more compact look of these vintage floral decals, but the price is a lot better- 12 decals for $48. They're each 10"w X 12" h, so the scale is comparable.

I think I'm really going for a fresh, uncomplicated look, so I lean towards the PB decals. But then the deal at Urban O appeals to me because I could use the transfers elsewhere in the house to maintain some continuity.

Suggestions? Preferences? Don't do it at all? What are your thoughts?

PS Andi directed me to Etsy, and unfortunately I found a third option. It's so pretty and comes in about 24 million different colors.

This decal measures 22"w X 39.5" h and is $35 for one. Why are there so many choices? Why did Kev agree to let me do this?! If he'd just said no I wouldn't be in this mess.


  1. I am in love with the decal idea, and if we could paint I would TOTALLY be doing some. I think I've also seen some at West Elm, but I'm lovin' every single one of these you're already thinking of. I can't WAIT to see what it looks like, and how the process goes.

  2. I really like the decal idea. has a lot of great ones too.

  3. I love the idea and LOVE the etsy one. A decent price and I really like the scale and how it would look being one big swirly one, that is what I think! Enjoy the work, can't wait to see it!

  4. i really like the etsy one. I'm thinking also between the PB and UO ones, I prefer the PB, the UO doesn't seem to fit for your style, but just my opinion. One of my old friends from high school runs a business - I think she has some decals too.
    :) Good luck!

  5. I like the last one the best...the etsy one...its less complicated and simple and the cutest one of all! I really like that bed too lol

  6. I vote the last one. The big one!! Good idea! I'm excited to have a house to paint and do whatever I want with someday. Hope everything is coming along good!! Lub you!

  7. Liv, where is your house at? By the way thanks for all the entertainment at work, I read your blog all 50 pages of it!!!

  8. Thanks for all the input peeps!! I appreciate it so much, and wanted to let you know I'm leaning towards the Etsy decal.

    Tiff- my house is on 16th in Ogden, just below Harrison, north of the Ogden River Parkway. I'm glad you're reading!!

  9. i love the etsy one too. do it!!


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