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Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Adventures

Guess where I went! IKEA!!

Mandi's birthday was on the 4th, so we went to IKEA to find her a present this weekend. And eat some of their delicious double chocolate cake.

I also got some curtain hardware and sheers to complement the drapes I already bought. It's very satisfying, even though all those final touches won't be installed for ages.

Going to IKEA is also a great excuse to load Maddie into the car and drop her off at Seth's so she and Samson can hash it out in the backyard. She spent so much time with Sam (while Kev and I were out of town) that she's even learned to pee a little bit like a boy dog. Way to go Mads!! Unfortunately I committed a cardinal sin because upon returning to Seth's from IKEA I failed to bring their famous cinnamon buns home for all to enjoy. Sorry.

In other, unrelated news- Kev found my robe for me on Friday, so I'm all set on the "don't-offend-the-neighbors" plan. Hopefully we'll soon uncover other misplaced items that I'm in need of, such as pans. And the comforter for the bed. We'll see how that goes.

Before I sign off, I must give out a shout-out to the white Jetta that almost killed us on I-15 Saturday night. To you I say an enthusiastic "thanks" for deciding to pull in front of us while we were traveling 80 mph. It was great to slam on the brakes in order to let you cross 5 lanes of traffic so you could get to your exit. I hope you had a sweet time in SLC and that almost killing me, Kev, Mandi and Maddie was so totally worth it.

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