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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dog Overboard

Seth surprised me and Kev with a visit on Sunday evening and it was just in time for a walk to the Ogden River Parkway.

Samson is a water-loving dog all the time. Maddie is a water-tolerating dog. She's been canoeing and to Bear Lake and she drinks from the river every time I walk her. She's just not into bounding head-first into the current. In contrast, Sam puts Seth's lawn sprinkler in his mouth. Sam probably thought he was in heaven when he saw the Ogden River in all its glory.

First he tried to walk on the water like it was snow. That didn't work. So then he just started hopping through it with a huge smile on his face, drinking in as much as he could as he threatened to pull Seth in after him.

Kev was able to let Maddie off her leash since she usually stays put if one of her friends is with her. When Sam showed no interest in slowing down and saying goodbye to the river, Maddie starting barking her head off at him to quit horsing around and go home with her.

Those dogs looked like drowned rats as we walked back to the PH, but they couldn't have been happier.

Speaking of couldn't be happier- Kev's been working at his new job just over a week now, and he still likes it, so that's good news. I, on the other hand, am having some of the worst days at work lately. It's that time of year when students are checking in and checking out and we're trying to use a new system that still has some bugs in it. On a good day, I only cry at work once or wait until I get home. Yesterday I cried twice. But it's alright because Jon came over after work yesterday and helped Kev put up bathroom trim and get the sinks installed. Kev just needs to hook up the water lines and we should be in business!!

And in the meantime, I get to listen to Tech Support's super sweet hold music while I try to get a secure log in for my computer and change my listing in the campus directory. We're going on about 5 minutes of easy-listenin' and can expect at least 10 more. It should be a productive day.

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  1. Sounds not fun - this time of year. Ick. Ahh, post college life. Someday, Liv, let's run a Pilates/Yoga studio together. We'll be millionaires and will only have to work out for Cashola.


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