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Friday, August 01, 2008

Don't Be Shy

Alrighty folks...
Please don't be afraid to pop in with a question or comment, I promise I won't think you're a weirdo. I admit that I am a blog-lurker and am making efforts to reveal myself on the blogs I frequent-- which is why I invite you to do the same :)

I'm going to take a break from regular posting and let you guys do the hard work for me, which is giving me something to post about. Just think of me as a holla back girl, but not in the skanky way Gwen Stefani talks about.

Thanks for sticking around!! Even though you don't live in Eastern Canada, when I was there I thought of you. And then I went right back to thinking about how beautiful Quebec is and forgot everything else.

I'll try to get more updates on here for the little PH. I have some pretty additions to share...

It's nice to *meet* you.

It's really hard to pick one experience/decision that has greatly defined me. But the first thing I thought of was the decision to forgive someone who had caused my family a lot of pain and suffering for a very, very long time. The decision came a couple of years after the climax of his actions, and it literally felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I've never told him in person that I forgive him, but I sent that prayer to God and knew that I'd done my part to reconcile.

As a result of offering that forgiveness, I'm now able to hope that this person has turned his life around and isn't hurting himself or anyone else anymore. It's still sad to reflect on what he did to my family, but at least I'm not angry anymore. And I know that none of what happened is my fault. That knowledge also helps me understand that if he hadn't succumbed to selfishness, he would have been able to see me grow up and be proud of the person I am today. I'm proud of the person I am today!!

Keep 'em coming guys!


  1. Great response! Thanks for sharing your experience. It was a tough question and one I'm not sure I could answer very easily, but I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Forgiving others really does change us in big ways--especially in our journey to become more like Christ. It's definitely something I need to do a lot more of in my life--thanks for the reminder. :)

  2. So wait. You want me to ask you a question? Are you breakig up with blogging for a bit? I don't understand.... I know the concept that you explained isn't suppose to be so difficult but...Im slow.

  3. i dont really have any questions. you just know that i like you and your blog. and im glad you found my blog so we can become friends, since you left maine so long ago. thats all. much love, haha. :]


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