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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fantastic Finds

Although my trip to The Gateway was somewhat of a bust when it came to shopping, I still found a great top that I love, and bought in 3 colors (1 in store and 2 online with FREE shipping!). Because that's what you do when you find something you like, right? Thank you Wet Seal. It was also fun with friends. Nik posted some pics which you may view if you'd like to see how pretty we are. And below is one of my Wet Seal shirts.

I also got the new Pottery Barn Bed and Bath catalogue this week. That means I've found myself drooling one-too-many times in the last day or so. I have a thing for bedding. And why not when it looks so delicious?

This is the Avery Organic bedding. And gosh, if only I had $129 to waste on more bedding. I think I'll stick to the $29.99 variety from IKEA. Not that I'm buying any more bedding. Promise. That would be foolish. Speaking of foolish, if I had $429 that I didn't feel like giving to Sallie Mae for my student loan repayment, I might consider buying the fantastic Kayla Floral rug also featured in the latest PB catalogue:

One of these days, I will also buy monogrammed PB soaps. They're just so alluring, especially with the description given for them: "Infused with a paperwhite scent...triple-milled...100% vegetable-based ingredients..." So fancy. At $39 for a set of six, that's only $6.50/bar. Ha. Only.

And then there's Domino Magazine. A new favorite of mine. I'm often not too interested in a lot of their items, but the overall designs of the rooms/apartments/homes they feature appeal to me. The fact that the spaces they showcase usually have continuity and themes makes me feel happy. Probably because my house is a big giant disaster in contrast. I am excited every time I get to organize something at the PH because it takes me one step closer to having a flow. Happy will be the day that I don't trip over a box or search in vain for something vital like the sewing kit. Or a frying pan.

Anyway, back to Domino. On their website (link above) they have 25 finds for under $1. Fantastic. A sampling:

Crate and Barrel bowls. 85 cents or something ridiculously wonderful like that.

Muji 99 cent notebooks.

IKEA tea towels. Also somewhere around 80 cents. Hallelujah!

For more, please direct yourself to the Domino site. It's worth it, I promise. Even if all it does is inspire you to go to Goodwill/Salvation Army/DI and dig through thrifty finds till you find a gem!

And yes, I'm having a super productive busy day at work. This post has been on the sidelines but I thought that since I have Internet access in my office, I might as well go post-crazy.

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  1. Mmm...I subscribe to Domino, but secretly REALLY REALLY miss Martha's Blueprint magazine. May it's ever lovely pages rest in peace.

    I also have an addiction to catalogs, of the home variety. I drool over everything! :)


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