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Sunday, August 31, 2008

For Ma Mere

Thanks to Nikki, I have a few awesome photos of my hair cut. My mom has been asking to see a pic since I got it done a few weeks ago. Well, here it is, in all it's too-short-bangs glory.

This was taken the night Nikki and Mike showed me how to make some sweet shrimp sushi.

It was a great night with great friends and I loved learning how to make something that I always thought was complicated. Sushi's simple as long as you have a recipe!

As usual, Maddie found a boy to snuggle. She adores boys. Any boy. She's a cuddle slut. As I type this, she hopping back and forth from Seth's lap to Kev's. She can't make up her mind.

Nikki, thanks for following up on my request to learn sushi with you and Mike. It was great to see the two of you and spend a few hours at your house with Maddie and Gabi!!


  1. Awww! I LOVE IT! It looks great! I think Im going to chop my hair tomorrow. I know I have been saying that for a long time now but it really think its time. I look so frumpy cause I hate taking care of it.

  2. Liv - your hair is gorgeous in every way. I'm jealous!
    You're welcome, it was such a blast! we'll have to do it more

  3. Mike!! I haven't seen that kid in forever! Looks like fun!

  4. Kimba, I think about how small the world is when I'm posting about Mike and/or Nikki. I figure you'll read it and be like, hey, I know that guy!! Even though we didn't really know him at the same time... or in the same time zone I guess.

  5. Your cut came out great. Love the look.


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