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Friday, August 15, 2008

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Two posts in one day... whoa!! It's amazing, I know. But I have an important reason for posting twice. I need your help!!

What should I do to my hair? I mean, besides shaving it off completely...

I know I'm not blond. Or tan. And I don't wear as much eyeliner in a year that these girls wear in one day. But I could still change up the tresses, right?



  1. I like the second one! I think it will be great for your face and a little sassy.

  2. i like the first one. go for it!!

  3. Well I have had all three of these cuts. The first one is my personal fav, short, cute and pretty easy to style. More annoying to maintain than style, but a great cut. The second is fun, but it grows too quickly and feels almost like it is too short and too long. You know? the third is great, give you length but a great shape and the ability to still "do" things with your hair (but if you are like me, than doing consists of ponytails or buns!). I think the first would be very dramatic but super attractive on you. But they all would look good on you. Maybe not much help, but at least it is imput!

  4. Cute. All of them. I don't know if I've seen you with supershort hair? You would be adorable either way. I say if you find a hairstyle you like, do it, you can pull it off with straight hair. I regretted cutting mine because the short length made my curls unruly, but you can do anything! Imagine the possibilities!

  5. UGH. I got my hair did on Saturday and I'm disappointed to the MAX. I will post a photo soon. It looks fine, but I am so not impressed with the listening skills of the cute girl who cut my hair.

    For the record, I brougth in the pic of Jessica Simpson and told the stylist I'd like LONG bangs. For the record, the wisp of bangs on my left are about 1.5 inches long. Sad.


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