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Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Pink House

I bet you were beginning to think I'd never show another update.

I was feeling that way too. The problem has been a combination of factors. For one, Kev and I don't have Internet at our house, so it's hard to find time to load photos and organize them on some other computer. Secondly, there weren't a lot of updates actually happening.

But now I'll reveal some bathroom photos for you. And you're going to be WOWED. If only I could find the original photos somewhere other than the blog. Click this link to see what the bathroom looked like in the beginning. I can't figure out how to copy them off the page in a readable format so you can see these babies side-by-side.

Regardless, you can view the new bathroom below after you've taken a peek at the link with the old bathroom.

Isn't it magnificent? I especially like Maddie's ears at the bottom of the photo directly above. She's all about the bathroom. Soon the doors will be on the vanities, the light will be above the mirror (so I can get rid of the blue torchiere light hanging out by the door) and the overhead light will be relocated to the center of the ceiling. I'm excited.

In addition to the bathroom updates, lemme show you a little somethin' else.

There's still no drywall progress in the dining room, but at least Kev helped me move the table so we can actually eat around it. On Labor Day I'll finally get the curtain hardware for the windows and we'll have a wee bit of privacy. Phew.

Kev helped me rip down the gross shelves in the back of the house that served as a "pantry" and helped me install these clean, new Wal-Mart shelves. Please don't mind my boxes. They're everywhere.

It feels good to have more little things done. My next plan is to organize the basement and the living room. There are plenty of boxes that can at least be consolidated... so I've convinced myself that I can do it. That's the goal for the month of September: empty as many boxes as possible and be happy.

Thanks for the patience regarding the PH. It's so worth the wait!

EDIT: I got the photos of the nasty old bathroom for your viewing pleasure. Now you don't have to waste precious moments looking at the link :)


  1. Woo! Your bathroom is SO PRETTY! I love it! Getting boxes empty SUCKS. We moved this weekend and I have already unpacked and set up everything, its exhausting.

  2. wow! Your house is shaping up to be quite fabulous!

  3. Um, LOVE the new bathroom, and I love the Ikea shelves in there. Would that I had that much space! Fabulous idea for storage. I'm getting more jealous by the day. :)

  4. That looks so cool!! You're right when I saw it in person I did almost pee! It just looked so inviting.

  5. Love the bathroom Liv! I can't wait to see how the rest of the house turns out.

  6. I love the blue color. You really do have a great eye.


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