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Friday, August 15, 2008

The Pursuit of Happiness

Guess what I realized- I am actually following through on one of my goals. And it hasn't taken years. It's barely taken months for the plan to materialize. I'm so proud.

Remember way back when? In June I read that great Ensign article by President Eyring. It got me all sorts of motivated to actually develop my hobbies again and pursue them. I've been doing some casual online research for Yoga certification in Utah, and let me tell you, the pickins' are slim.

The closest program I initially found was in Provo (practically light-years away from Ogden during rush hour) and it was a 4-month course. Meaning I'd pretty much need to quit my job and live in Provo to complete it. Which means I'd have to leave my husband because there's no way he'd spent 4 months in Provo. If he did, my brother would make fun of him.

Anyway, I know that Weber offers certification for various group exercise programs, so I've been checking their site for info as well. Lo and behold, Campus Recreation now has a posting for PiYo certification this November.

For anyone else who's interested, the certification will be on Saturday, November 8th from 8am to 5pm on the WSU campus. You can register online at, and if you do so before the end of October, you're eligible for the early-bird discount ($179 vs $199). The certification is good for 2 years, and you also have the option of attending "Lessons" after the initial certification. Lessons are basically classes you can take to hone your skills and learn new techniques.

Oh yeah, maybe some of you have no idea what PiYo is. I'll tell you. It's a blend of Pilates and Yoga, and my understanding is that depending on the teacher, the emphasis can be on either for any given practice. PiYo combines a lot of the movement and breathing techniques of Yoga with the muscle training of Pilates. I feel like there's a focus on breathing more for stamina than for meditation purposes in PiYo. Overall, it's a great workout and I've loved the classes I was able to take from Nikki.

Isn't it great? I'm going to do something I love, and I'm going to do it as a result of setting a goal for myself. Go me!!


  1. :) Hey thanks for the shout-out! I really like PiYo. It gets you places and it's a fun learning experience. I'm excited for the class coming up. :)

  2. It is awesome that you are going to get certified, I am way jealous. I have thought about it as well (although not for yoga) but its expensive. Also, just wanted to say how excited I am that you made a lot of posts this week. I really look forward to reading friends' blogs. I am sad to say it is a highlight of my day.

  3. I too am a lover of blog-reading. It's such a great way to take a break from a long workday.

    Once Kev and I get our house squared away, we'll have internet again and it'll be easier to stay consistent!!

  4. Awesome! Good for you for going for it!

  5. Congrats Liv! I am excited for you. Sometimes if you are persistant things have a way of working out the right way.


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