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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Random Recipe

I think Martha Stewart is a bad person. Her staff, however, I approve of because they fill her magazine with amazing things. And on the last page of Martha Stewart Living there's a "Cookie of the Month" feature. Genius!

Ashley and I attempted and successfully created August's Cookie of the Month *. It's a chocolate peanut-butter oatmeal no-bake bar. Fabulous for a number of reasons: 1) chocolate; 2) peanut-butter; 3) oatmeal; 4) NO BAKE = NO OVEN = keeps the house that much cooler.

The verdict regarding the cookie? Delicious. Will eat instead of a regular meal.

*Click on the cookie link for the actual recipe.


  1. My Martha subscription died a few months ago, so I'm super glad to get this reccomendation. Also? Equally glad for the no-bake. Our new (but seriously flawed because our landlord is an idiot) oven vents all the heat out the front onto the stovetop, rather than through the back via a tube. So. In the summer, baking anything is a sacrifice!

  2. i just read this issue yesterday, and when i came to this recipe, my heart stopped. it looks so delicious! i must try it! i'm glad you liked it!

    plus, i'm with you. martha is the devil -- but oh man... her magazine + website are stocked FULL TO THE BRIM of beautiful things and ideas. love them.


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