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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Take A Walk With Me

As promised, photos from the Ogden River Parkway.

We travelled west this time instead of east, and it proved to be much better for Maddie. There were less dogs for her to feel the need to attack. She gets so hostile on her leash. I think she has control issues.

Regardless of Maddie's neurosis, the view was spectacular.

Maddie, always the adventurist, scaled the wall and walked along it. She didn't care that on one side there was a 10-foot drop off to the river bank.

Arguably the cutest photo of Maddie this summer. Kev is in the background being quite the environmentalist. He's picking up glass.

We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area. While Kev and I lived in the residence halls (part of my job compensation) I always told him we'd never be able to afford to live so close to the mountains once we moved out. I never thought we'd find a house for such a great deal in such a wonderful location. We're still right at the foothills with access to the bike path, hiking trails and the view isn't compromised at all.

Now all I need are functioning bathroom sinks, a hooked up washer/dryer, and closets. Then the PH will be in business!!

If you live in the Ogden area, I highly recommend that you visit the Ogden River Parkway. It can be accessed from so many parts of the city. I usually catch up with it just off Monroe Blvd south of 16th street, or through the 12th street canyon by Rainbow Gardens and the Ogden Dinosaur Park. It winds behind the pound too, so if you need a walk AND a puppy, it's a perfect set up!


  1. Liv, isn't it beautiful? My friend owns a town home that sits just off the river and we spend hours just hanging out back there. Ogden is a great place to live, people just don't know it!

  2. That was a fun post! I loved the pics. We do live in a pretty city. When do you guys go? Mike and I really will catch up with you soon - just text me & let me know. Oh and do you know when Yoga is?

  3. we usually go on sundays for sure and i take maddie myself a couple of times during the week.

    now that it's getting darker earlier, kev and i usually hit the parkway around 7.

  4. I miss the mountains! The pics are gorgeous!


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