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Monday, August 18, 2008

This and That

Mary Elizabeth has entered a photo contest and she needs your votes people!! She takes amazing photos and all you have to do in order to vote for her is follow this link and vote for #15 Mary Elizabeth. PLUS for more sweet photos Mary has taken, go to her photo blog. She is so talented and I think she totally deserves some prize $$ for a sweet new camera. So hook the girl up with your votes!! Below is her photo for your viewing pleasure.

In other news, the weekend was great. Ashley, Nikki, Linsey (Nikki's sis) and I headed to The Gateway mall in SLC for a bit of shopping. I only walked away with one shirt from Wet Seal but it's okay. It was super fun to just be out and about with the girls. And for the record, Forever21 let me down big time. None of the items I'd found online were available in the store. And none of the items available in the store were cute. That's not 100% true, but I'm still sulking a wee bit.

To complement the girls' night, on Saturday Kev and I had a movie date night. I know, so original. But you see, sometimes after an extremely long week (Kev worked a 12-hr day on Friday!!) one needs an air-conditioned night at the movie theater. We saw "Wall-e" and loved it. Very fun. I loved the political jabs taken by Disney: trash, obesity, overall negligence of the Earth... very smart to alert kids of these dangers at a young age. Thank you Disney-Pixar.

On Sunday Kev, Maddie and I took a great walk down the Parkway. And get this- we went the opposite direction than usual. We are thrill seekers, people!! Kev took me past the rodeo grounds and we looked at all the great murals on the side of the area. So pretty. I'll have the pictures loaded later this week to show you the beautiful river and my cute dog. And husband.

Phew. What a weekend. It was one of those extremely satisfying ones that recharges your batteries and makes you feel super productive. That's the one bonus of working so hard during the week-- you're motivated to make the most of the weekend.


  1. liv, thank you thank you thank you so much for the shout out! you are the bomb!

  2. It was fun! I agree - it was therapeutic to get the heck out of Ogden.
    So I'm disappointed by one of my forev 21 shirts. Taking it back sometime. I was too impulsive. Back to Ross, old reliable, we go!


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