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Monday, August 11, 2008

We've Reached the Summit

Kev got a new job. A full-time job.

The best part is it's directly related to something about which he is extremely passionate: Climbing.

He's been interested in volunteering his time with Jeff Lowe's climbing organization for about a year now. He finally had the opportunity to drop by Jeff's offices in downtown Ogden and have a meeting about giving his time to the Ogden Climbing Parks team.

Lucky for Kev, it resulted in a job interview the very next day. And that resulted in a weekend of waiting and hoping. Which resulted in Kev getting a job on a Monday morning with Jeff.

In case you were wondering Jeff is pretty much an amazing climber. He's the man behind Ogden's indoor, year-round ice climbing wall. You can also read more about Jeff here. And check him out on the cover of Sports Illustrated:

I'm really excited for Kev because not only is it something he loves-- it's full-time. The best of both worlds. He'll get to draw on his previous work experience in this new position, which is always a plus. So far, it looks like he'll be involved in a lot of the PR aspects, as well as helping get grants for the organization to continue running and offering the community great climbing-related events (demonstrations, video festivals, climbing certifications, etc...).

Ogden is really becoming a hub for climbing, which means the demand for the Ogden Climbing Parks is hopefully going to increase from here on out. Ogden was recently featured in Rock and Ice magazine as one of the 10 greatest cities for climbing (behind all the obvious top-tens like Denver, SLC, Jackson, Vegas, Albuquerque, etc...). Isn't that great?

For those of you who are like me, and really don't care for rock climbing, I'm sorry that's what this post was about. It was supposed to be about how great it is that Kev got a new job and I just got a wee bit carried away.

Kev, what I mean to say is CONGRATULATIONS. I'm proud of you.


  1. Liv,
    Tell Kev congrats!! That's WONDERFUL! A dream job! I couldn't think of anything more perfect for Kevin. That's just awesome. You guys should go celebrate or somethin!

  2. Yeah! Congrats! What a novel idea, doing something you love! :) I'm jealous.

  3. Congrats! How great to get a job that he loves. It is great that both you and he will be happier now. I hope that the rest of your week turns out to be as good at this day was!

  4. Yahoo! Congrats Kev :) The Lord blesses us with things when we are diligent and endure (YAY for the PH teaching lessons even when they might not be so apparent) I HEART you guys :)

  5. Thanks everyone!! I'll be sure to tell him how awesome he is :)


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