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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Where Have You Been All My Life?

Yeah, hi, Forever21? Where the heck have you been? Maybe it would be better to ask where the heck I've been. Apparently they have some amazing dresses at Forever21, and I was completely unaware. I've been spending hours sorting through completely random stuff at ROSS, hoping to find something in my size that isn't made of polyester... and all the while Forever21 has had screaming deals.


For example:

Luna Knee-Length dress for $19.80.

V-Neck Knit dress for $13.80, available in coral or orange.

Glenny's Floral dress for $22.80.

Looks like I need to suck it up and fight the mall crowd the next time I need an addition to my work wardrobe. Thrifty stores like ROSS are great when I have the time to sort through the racks, but Forever21 is looking like a much quicker fix at a comparable price.

PS after writing this post, I actually dreampt about getting the two-tone Luna dress posted above. I think it's a sign.


  1. Please let me know when you go! I am needing some serious help in the wardrobe dept. Specifically Sunday stuff. You found adorable stuff!

  2. i get paid this week, so after i send some money to my student loans i'll let you know if a quick trip to the mall is a possibility :)

    ps THE BATHROOM IS ALMOST DONE. you have to come see it. you'll pee your pants. actually, you won't have to pee your pants because i have a toilet AND a bathroom door. so you could just pee in the potty if you get that excited.

  3. oh my, i LOVE that first dress you posted! the others are adorable as well!

    i love forever21 and have for awhile (before it came to the gateway i got my fix online) but i haven't shopped there in a long time! haha... ok, i just realized that was a lie. the blazer i'm wearing today is from there, i got it in april. man, i think i'm seriously sleep deprived!

  4. I would have told you! They've got fabulous cheap, trendy clothes! :) Love the dresses.

  5. Wow, those are beautiful. I'll have to stop by and check these dresses out. The things I have bought there do not fit me too well. Try getting a 54 into a 21. Maybe. I still hope.

  6. i love forever 21. im practically obsessed. everytime i go in the mall i have to go there. have fun! its worth it!!


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