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Monday, September 01, 2008

Fantastic IKEA Finds

Please may I just have the entire Hemnes collection in my home? The look of these pieces is so appealing to me! I already have a 3-drawer Hemnes dresser and 2 Hemnes bedside tables. Then there's these:

It's the storage bench and linen cupboard that IKEA revealed this year. Of course, I'd prefer the linen cupboard if it came in... red. Not that red is my favorite color or anything. I just have a lot of red stuff. I'm wearing a red shirt right now. I wore a red shirt last night. I have a red dresser, fan, night-table, shoes, dresses, fan, couch, rug... Let's stop there.

Anyway, I have another item from the new year of IKEA to share with you:

I need to have children for the sole purpose of having a twin-sized bed with this comforter set. It is so stinking cute. Kimba, if you continue with an animal/Noah's Arc theme for your little boy, this comforter is the one you must buy when he's 2 and sleeps in a big-boy bed. It's adorable. I love it. However, I find it somewhat unfortunate though that the background is white. That's just asking for trouble.

Sophia and I went to IKEA today and I picked up three Lack side tables for the price of one. That's right folks. They were on sale for half off, but the limit was two per customer. So I bought two, then gave Sophia my coupon for 3% off and she bought my third table for $3.97. I am especially pleased with myself. I also got storage for cereal, curtain rods (hallelujah!!), bathroom towel racks, a toilet paper holder and little puppy dog bottoms with tails that serve as hooks.

I intend to go back in a few paychecks and finally purchase my 5X5 Expedit shelving unit. I need to get rid of all the little shelves in the living room and consolidate the media storage. It looks so big in the store, but I know that it will fit so well in the living room and make me feel less crazy when I go in there. It's actually coming along since I worked on it Saturday. I can now navigate around the couch, and sit in both the chairs!!

Overall, I'm just glad Sophia and I survived. It was the busiest day to be at IKEA. Since it rained all weekend everyone decided to go shopping for Labor Day. Sophia and I were super skilled though and managed to maneuver TWO shopping carts (one with my tables and one with my odds-and-ends) through masses of clueless, ignorant families with screaming children.

Another satisfactory IKEA trip. As if it would ever be otherwise! I'll be sure to share the bathroom updates shortly. Hopefully this week Kev can help me install the towel racks (and by help I mean just do it for me) and get those doggy bottoms on the back of the door for the robes. One little piece at a time.


  1. I love that linen cupboard. I wonder if it comes in a dark brown... I guess I just have to go now. If you need a buddy to go with next time, just call, I'm game.

  2. I love when you go to IKEA. There are always blogs full of great ideas and excitment!

  3. I saw the linen cabinet a little while back and also fell in love. I am dying that we don't have the space for it! It's so sad because we NEED the extra storage, but don't have space for it. It's gorgeous though!

    I just bought the Hemnes three drawer and the Hemnes armoire in white for the baby's room. :)

  4. Oh I am so glad there are so many other IKEA enthusiasts out here. Especially for the Hemnes collection. That line is just great.

    The linen cupboard only comes in yellow for now, so we'll see how soon the other options become available.

  5. I was at IKEA on Labor Day too! I wish I would have seen you. It was a little to crowded for my liking, but I still enjoyed it very much. And I also share your love for the Hemnes colection...alsmost as much as the Liatorp line...I love all of it!


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