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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Am Happy

Happy about my living room, that is. Still pretty sore after working on the floor Friday. But hey, let's get back to that living room.

You'll have to forgive the desk on the right-hand side of the photo. I have to temporarily set up my computer in the front room since the 2nd bedroom/office is still a disaster zone.

I am so happy to have curtains up that I can't even describe my joy. And I am equally as thrilled about the shelves. although I wish I could find the impact drill so I could hang the framed stuff that's on top of the shelves for the time being.

The small bookcase of CDs is going away. The yoga mats are eventually going away. And the pile of stuff to the right of the shelves is also going to find a new home. Eventually. It's just about all I can do not to box stuff back up and throw it in the basement so I don't have to look at clutter anymore. After two months of living in the Pink House, I think I've reached my clutter quota.

Also, notice how bare the walls are? Yes, it's sad. Once again, I refer to the missing impact drill... I think Kev has it somewhere, seeing as how it's his drill. Part of me hates to hang anything before painting. But let's get real here. When am I actually going to get around to picking paint color, sticking to that color, and putting it up? Never. So I might as well put the art up. If I can find the impact drill.

Unfortunately, I think I subbed "organize living room" for my "organize garage and 2nd bedroom" goal. Is that ok? I mean, I might be able to find the energy to tackle the garage/2nd bedroom this month, but I dunno. What's my motivation again? Oh yeah, keeping my sanity. I guess I'll try.

Can you find Maddie in the photos above?


  1. Liv - lookin good! I love that shelf it looks amazing!!
    hope things are going great!

  2. Wow. That bookcase looks great. The living room looks great. I'm so happy your making progress. We have a drill if you need to borrow it.

  3. Lovely! We have the 4x4 Expedit (sp?) shelves, and love them. I wish we'd have the space for the 5x5, I love the look of them!

  4. As always, I love your color choices!


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