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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"I-Kea That's Comfortable!'

Chandler from "Friends," quoted above, is so right.

I went to IKEA last night with Kris (it was so fun!) and hit gold. Pure, IKEA gold.

As usual, the first stop was the As-Is section. As usual, I went with a game plan: purchase 5x5 Expedit shelves in black-brown. Check out the round RINGUM rugs. Look at spice rack things. Check the colors still available for the baskets I bought to put in the bathroom. Kris needed to look at curtains and pretty things. Every "thing" is pretty at IKEA.

Anyway, I'm preoccupied already! Back to As-Is.

Kris and I rounded the corner and *poof* there were the shelves I was planning to buy. In the color I wanted. For $100 less than original retail value. Hallelujah. So Kris and I got the weird IKEA man to help us load the shelves (fully assembled) up and cart them to the front for purchase. Then we used our nifty, itty-bitty alan wrenches to pop those shelves apart and load them in the car.

And speaking of Kris, holy cow, her house is coming along so nicely. It is so HUGE! I wasn't prepared for all the storage rooms and bedrooms and overall space. My PH is quite compact, although it is all the space Kev and I need right now. Kris, congrats again for such a great find, and great job with the colors and style. I love it. I want to see it again soon. Oh, especially to see how your LACK tables look in your living room. I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

In short, it was a great evening. Such a lovely way to break up the mundane work-week. I got to catch up with Kris (who I hadn't seen since she got married in 2006!), I left sticky buns at Seth's as a surprise on our way back, I got great deals at IKEA (as usual) and Maddie spent the entire evening reigning as Dog Queen at Seth's while he and Samson were in Lehi. I'm not sure I want to know how she spent her time all alone at his house, but I'm sure it involved countless runs through the doggy door into the sanddune desert that is Seth's backyard at the moment.

Kris, thanks again for taking a trip to IKEA, and helping me find your house when I accidentally went west to Taylorsville instead of Murray. I'm cool like that.


  1. Love the IKEA. We're still using our EXPEDIT shelves after six moves and 14 years.

  2. IKEA is awesome, I second that. It was so fun to go there to look for specific things we needed. It's a dreamland for people who like things looking awesome and organized... aaaahh. Heaven.

  3. I love your taste in home decor so much I wish I could hire you to do my house next! Of course, it would be much easier if we lived in the same country. :o)

  4. I'm still kicking myself for not switching majors in college. I should've copied my roommate and done design. After all, I spent so much time watching TLC and HGTV it might as well have been my major!

  5. I love those shelves. I am going to get one just like that for my kitchen.


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