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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

If It's Too Loud, Turn It Down

I have a dilemma. Weezer is coming to Utah. In like, 15 minutes.

I told Kev last night that when I heard about the concert, my first thought was that I wished I wasn't too old to go.

You hear me?! Too old!!

I have been a fan of Weezer since way back in the day. High school days. The days of visiting Utah and riding around in Mike Wilson's truck between him and Dallas Freckleton with the gear shift between my shins. Every single solitary time Weezer came into my respective city/town, I was never able to go. NEVER.

When they came to Maine in high school, I had a stupid game to cheer at. And being the head cheerleader (ha, yes, you can laugh) I had the notion that I couldn't ditch a game to go to a concert. Even if it would've been the best thing ever. Even if it was my favorite band. Even if tickets were wicked cheap. Even if the venue would've been amazing.


So now, Weezer's coming to WVC on the 7th (I know, it's like SO soon) and I'm not going. Again. Tickets are expensive anyway. And it's a Tuesday. Who does that? I have stupid work to go to the next morning. And WVC is such a long drive. Especially after a concert that totally rocks and wipes you out since you stand around screaming your head off the entire time.

I'm just too old. Maybe I'll put an album into my computer and turn it up super loud so I can dance around my living room and pretend it's the real thing.

OR maybe Kev could pull some strings since he used to work in radio and meet rock stars and interview them. And he could ask Weezer to come to our PH and play a nice quiet show for me while I sit on the couch wrapped up in a blanket.


  1. Oh Liv! We should find a way to go. Tonight I'm missing Yellowcard cause Mike has class. We're trying not to think about it. It causes too much suffering. What is it with these bands who think we can drop anything to come see them? Have they ever heard of the weekend?
    Still....I'm kind of willing to find a way to go.. to either one!

  2. I just can't justify the price at this point. That's how old I am. ha.

    I'll just buy the new cd and console myself with it.

  3. haha if they come to your house let me know ;]


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