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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Call Me, K?

I've had my cell phone for about three years. I know, right? Super long time. I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile back in 2005 because T-Mobile had a screaming deal- $39.99/month for 1500 minutes. 1500. Back in the day, I talked a lot. I used my phone for work too. It was worth switching providers and paying the cancellation fee. I still love my plan. LOVE it. And I've loved my phone. It's like a pebble. Kinda heavy. Oblong. Smooth. It's been a good phone (Samsung e335).

Lately though... ok maybe the last 6 months or so... I've noticed the battery is having issues. It doesn't hold a charge for very long, and it's difficult to secure the battery to the back of the phone. There's been some swelling. Kev and I joked that eventually it was probably going to explode and get battery juice everywhere. Yikes.

Kev, Seth, Jesh, Soph and I went to Verizon while visiting one another to get Sophia's phone figured out. While we waited for it to get "updated" (i.e. fried by the tech and replaced with a brand-new phone) Kev and I went to T-Mobile to talk about my phone options.

Eight hours later I walked away with this:

Ok, so it didn't really take 8 hours, but we were in phone stores for WAY too long on Labor Day. It was well worth the waiting though because like I mentioned, Sophia's phone actually works now and I paid $50 (with mail-in rebate) to use Kev's upgrade (he's on a different plan than I am) for a new phone, the Samsung t339.

The tech at T-M took one look at my bulging battery and told me cells had already exploded in it and I needed to get a new one or a new phone. Since it's been 3 years, I went with the shiny new thing. It's so pretty!! And it's like Samsung's version of the phone Sophia has, a maroon Krazr thing from Motorola. I hate Motorola phones with a passion. But I like having twinner phones with Sophia. I like having a pretty phone!

Don't fret. If Kev wants a new phone (since I took his upgrade) I'm due in 4 months for one on my plan. He can totally use it since I highly doubt I'll be in need of any other shiny hi-tech toys that soon.


  1. Don't you love new phones? And the new toy much fun!

  2. I like shiny stuff...shiny shoes, phones, cookware, coins, sunglasses. Good Choice.

  3. Hooray!! I just got a new phone too! I lub it. And yeah, if I still remember having the same phone as you when we were RAs then it has been way TOO long! Mine does so many cool tricks. I need to learn how to use it.


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