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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Johnny Appleseed

He appears to have left his mark in my lawn.

I have an apple tree and two pear trees. Their bounty is up for grabs! I've picked a bushel (ok, more like a lobster-pot-full) of apples already. The pears are close behind. If you'd like to pick your own or take some that I already have, first come first served!

For the pears, I recommend having a brown paper bag ready at home. They're not 100% ripe, but they're falling off the trees fast. So we'll pick the ones that are almost there and you can brown bag 'em so they'll be ready to eat in no time!

Really, come have some fruit. Free. Fun. Free fun!


  1. We would love to come buy. Let us know when a good time is. We should do dinner also, when we come. I can make tacos, or something. Let me know.

  2. You could swing by tonight while the tree surgeon is hacking away at the dead tree.
    Our brand-new range is broken though, so I don't think we can do dinner. Plus, we'll be hauling branches out of the yard most the night. You're still welcome to get fruit though!

  3. I'd be there in a heartbeat! I love pears!


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