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Monday, September 15, 2008

One Giant Leap for Mankind

I have no pictures. Kev has the camera. I'm at work. No updates on the PH. I'm sorry.

But guess what! I figured out a better way to walk Maddie. I was so exhausted when she and I returned to the house on Friday night. She's so out of control. It's not only frustrating because she constantly pulls my arm out of its socket, but it's embarrassing too. I want to be able to walk my dog, not have my dog walk me!

I mentioned to Kev that I should start taking a little squirt bottle with me and that I should spray her in the face with water when she misbehaves. So, on Sunday night when I told Kev I was going to walk Maddie, he reminded me to get the bottle from the living room and try it out.

Lo and behold, that dog behaved better on her walk than she has in months. Bikers? No problem. Skateboarders? No problem. Insane kids and parents who insist on running by us with their tiny little yappy dogs? No problem. I mean, yeah, she initially freaked out a bit but once that spray bottle got in her line of vision she retreated.

On some level, I felt badly for squirting my little princess (ha) but it's better than struggling endlessly with her. She was able to enjoy herself more when she decided not to let things distract her and rile her up. And I enjoyed myself more because I only sustained one cut to my foot and one small puncture wound to my finger. That girl's got claws!

Maddie, I'm ready for round 2 tonight. Are you up for the challenge?


  1. You show her who's the boss! Good luck tonight.

  2. you're so good to walk her. i hope that the squirting helps. it's smart. it doesn't hurt them but definitely stops them! we used it on gabi when she was little and bit with her sharp puppy teeth.

  3. Thanks for the tip. I don't have a dog, but I think it may help with my very opinionated tween! :o)

  4. my cat has been so bad lately i finally decided to break down and get a squirt bottle. he brought it on himself, in my opinion. but he's definitely been much much better. good idea for dog walking too!


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