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Monday, September 08, 2008

An Open Letter

Dear Ogden City-

My lawn is not the reason the new townhomes across the street are not selling.

My lawn looks a heck of a lot better than it did before Kev and I took over it in April.

My lawn will have grass when it darn well feels like having grass.

My lawn does not appreciate citations that threaten fines if the grounds are not "properly" landscaped.

My lawn thinks the reason those townhomes aren't selling is because they're tiny and way overpriced.

My lawn suggests that the realtors who're showing those townhomes stop blaming me for the lack of public interest.

That is all,

Thank you.


  1. oh my goodness! they gave you a citation? seriously? LAME SAUCE!

  2. I think you should really send the letter. I crack up when you wrote "bite me" as a link.

  3. i like your Bite Me tag!
    ha ha
    ya i agree with all that. Lame.

  4. This sort of thing always cracks me up. All the social woes in all the land, and Ogden City wants to pay someone 8 bucks an hour to wander around neighborhoods tacking citation warnings on front doors for improper lawn maintenance. Watch out for those dandilions... I hear they throw you right in the slammer for neglicant weed-icide.

  5. Are you serious? Is this for real? Did they actually say your lawn is having a negative influence on potential buyers of the tiny, overpriced townhomes? That is LAME.

  6. ugh! how much was the fine!? "wtf" should be a tag as well. booooo....

  7. I won't get fined unless Kev and I miss the deadline for responding to the city. If we do though, it's something like $125 or $150 the first time. Yikes.

    But we intend to behave ourselves and just continue with all our freakin hard work.


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