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Friday, September 12, 2008

PH Bounty

There will be a legitimate PHriday update today. Or actually... Monday. Yes, Monday sounds like a better plan. Or maybe... If I got paid today I'm going to IKEA tomorrow which means I can hijack Seth's computer on my way and use his Internet to hook you all up with photos this weekend. Some of which I haven't actually taken yet. There are some significant "after" shots from this week that are truly delightful. Once I take those I can share with you my joy.

So hold on and check back for photos. And then tell me how unbelievable it all is and what great work Kev and I are doing :)

PS Come get fruit!! It is SO good. So good, in fact, that last night I skipped across the street and asked one of the town home Realtors if he and his wife would like some. He said yes so I skipped back to my house and loaded up a little box with apples and pears. He told me his wife was going to be so delighted and that he reckoned she'd make a pie.


  1. Your forgiveness quotient is high, my friend, to justify offering Mr. I-can't-sell-this-garbage-so-I'll-whine-to-Ogden-City-about-nothing-and-sit-in-this-dang-garage-and-be-all-smug-about-it some of your fresh fruit. Oh well. 70 times 7, I suppose.

  2. hee hee

    I think he's one of the nice Realtors. The older ladies might be the ones who turned me in! And if this guy isn't a nice one, then hopefully this will change that!

  3. Killing them with kindness. Love it.

  4. Clever girl, bribing a Realtor! :o)

  5. So I drove by your house (I think) this afternoon and smiled. It is looking super cute from the curb.

  6. Liv, it was your house! It was on 16th, so I am happy I recognized it from the curb. I drive by all the time heading to a friends house over there. Now I will smile as I pass knowing that you and Kev are toiling away inside so that I can enjoy some great new posts.


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