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Friday, September 05, 2008

PHriday, Volume X

Behold, my kitchen and bath updates. Please enjoy the photos, minus commentary because what more can I say? It's a never-ending project.

If you'd like to read witty comments regarding most of these photos, you're welcome to check out my photo links on the right-hand sidebar. These updates and more can be found in "the last of summer" for 2008.

Gail, just so you know, we have about 8 millions rolls of TP stored in the cubbies in the bathroom. Don't be fooled by the solitary roll pictured above. You're taught me well.

Thanks for stopping by friends. It's always comforting to share the progress. It reminds me things are actually getting done!


  1. Your house is looking so pretty and the accent colors you've chosen are really warm. Is it corny to say "I love what you've done with the place"?

  2. I love the open shelves, I wish I had space for so many fun dishes!!! Yeah for progress!

  3. ah, i really really like all the fun colors! sooo pretty. i wish i had a house to decorate purty like yours!

  4. Hey Liv! This is my first time to your bloggy blog. Love the pics, your place looks super cute. Red is my favorite accent color!


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