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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Seat's Taken

Ever the re-designer, I have found what I hope will be the last piece of furniture that I will cram into my living room.

Imagine this in the place of my desk. Once I finally get the office cleaned out (will it never be an office?!) I can put the desk in its rightful place and stick a storage seat under the window instead. I've decided I am sick to death of blankets and pillows floating around the living room, and I'd like a place to stash them when they're not in use.

For only $80, I could handle this purchase. The paisley ottoman I have already is from ROSS, and it was the same price. By-the-way, that ottoman is actually Maddie's throne. She reigns over the PH kingdom whenever she's not sleeping and sits in front of the window until I drag her away. It's like she's a drug addict. Sometimes I hear her get so worked up that I head to the living room and find her stuck between the ottoman and the window, barking wildly. Apparently, she gets so excited when she sees the C-A-T next door that she falls off the ottoman and into the chasm. She isn't high-strung at all.

As for the boudoir, I have another Target find in mind. Now that I've rearranged the bedroom (surprise Kev!) there's space at the end of the bed for a bench. A place for us to sit and put our shoes on so neither one of us rocks the bed while the other is still sleeping. I hate that.

And since we have 8 million laundry baskets (why?!) I've decided I need a bench with open space, rather than an enclosed ottoman. I want to stash a laundry bin under the bench so it isn't stacked up on top of another basket or kicked around the room nonstop like so many other items... flip flops, climbing bags, climbing rope, climbing harness, PJs...

ANYWAY- here's the Versa bench I'm considering in chocolate brown:

Aren't you surprised I'm not getting something from IKEA? Me too! I don't know if I'll actually head to Target for my new seats, but these will wait in the queue until the living room is ready to accept a new piece of furniture.

Hmm, the bedroom is ready right now. Maybe I will have to fork over some $$ in the next couple of weeks. I know Kev suggested we wait a while before buying more furniture, but this purchase would be put to use immediately since the space is cleared and good to go at the end of the bed.

We'll see.


  1. Love the window seat - that would be so fabulous, and I know that Bear would try and make it his home, despite his size.

  2. Love the bench! You're so lucky you have a Target. Target is my favorite store on Earth (don't worry, Ikea's my second favorite), but we don't have them in Canada. So we compensate by planning all of our U.S. vacations around Target locations. :o)


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