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Monday, September 29, 2008

Shout Hooray!

Kev had a birthday. And being the uber-chic hipsters that we are, we celebrated by doing next to nothing. We're cool like that.

Ok, actually, I did do a little something. I woke him up at 9am on Sunday and made him eat breakfast before church. I conquered my fear of making eggs on the counter-top griddle (won't they just run all over the place?!) and whipped up some pancakes as well. Pretty impressive considering I'm going on month 2 without a stove/oven.

Kev insisted on opening his presents before church, so we dug right in. Lots of candy from my parents (thanks for the LLBean choco cranberries!) with a Home Depot gift card. I had a couple of belt buckles for my honey and some Bajio's gift cards. Yum.

His "big" present is still in the works. I took some of his original art work from high school to Michael's for framing. Yes, he hinted that I should do that for his bday. Yes, he did it over a month ago. Yes, I waited until Friday night to take them in. Yes, they'll be ready in 2 weeks. Sorry! But in my defense, the day I brought them into Michael's was the last day they were offering 50% off framing orders that cost a lot. So I got lucky. If I'd gone a month ago, I might've missed out completely! And because the customer service girl was so nervous and taking forever, she gave me an additional 50% off the 2nd framing. Sweet!

Kev, happy birthday. I hope you enjoyed yourself.


  1. I think it's a fabulous gift! :) Late or not. Also, I feel ya on the no stove / oven. We were without one when we moved in for 2 or 3 months. HORRIBLE. I hope it's remedied soon!

  2. Happy Birthday Kevin! :) That's a really sweet present. Michaels does an amazing job. They did two of our prints. That's cool you cooked him breakfast - you're such a cool wife.


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