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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Support for NieNie

Go to this link for info about a blog book that will benefit the Nie Recovery Fund via its proceeds.
The blog book will be compilation of funny posts from anyone and everyone, and before you even waste a finger click to go there, I'll post the guidelines for entering your own post for consideration:

-You must have a blog where you are currently, actively posting
-It must be amusing on some level
-You can submit using your blog name or your real name
-It can't be something you've previously published, other than on your blog
-It must be under 1500 words- ish
-You MUST publicize the book and the contest on your own blog, and if you make it into the book, you must buy it
-You must link back to this post AND the NieNie recovery site ( in order to spread the word about both (By the way, we need a button/graphic to use for the contest - if anyone wants to volunteer to make one, I'd be grateful.)
-The deadline for submissions is September 30th, 2008. You can send your submission to us at sometimeslifeisfunny at gmail dot com. You don't have to be a mom, a woman or a mormon to submit. If you've ever written something funny, we want you.

(via Navel Gazing at Its Finest)

It sounds like such a great way to help the Nies and also to rub shoulders with some Hee-larious bloggers.

I know I'm posting info on this pretty late in the game, but I just found out about it myself! So start browsing your archives or brainstorming something new.

I think I'll submit my recent post about my new friend the IT guy.

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