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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

What Did You Expect?

Let's forget the unpleasantries of yesterday, shall we? Let's move on to happier times... say... Labor Day spent at Seth's?
Maddie's so black you can barely see her sprawled out next to Seth. He's imitating her lovely posture to emphasize how lady-like she is. And Sam's just looking sad. Like always. He's really a happy dog though, I swear!
Seth and his minions. They both adore him.

Soph and me in the back of the 'burb.

This is where Sophia and I found the boys in the mall.

" Everybody make a crazy face!"

Like we need to be told.

Hey guys, I hope we get together again before Thanksgiving.

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  1. i found your blog from cjane enjoy it! i, like you, cannot STOP thinking of the nielsons. :( it's almost consumed my life... they are such a sweet family. i wish i could be a stay at home like stephanie! she is truly an inspiration!anywho, your blog is totally cute. i love finding new things and good luck with the new home1!!!!

    btw my friend melissa is starting a blog called, and it gives me a lot of hope and kinda inspires me to do what nie did on a daily basis, be nice and enjoy life (while helping and inspiring others) :)

    take care girl.


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